Star Systems Pittsburgh

12 & Under Photogenic
3rd – Heather Noble
Mini Solos
1st – Leah Rae Lees
2nd – Meghan Rieser
4th – Laney Miller
Petite Miss Superstar
1st – Leah Rae Lees
Mini Duet/Trios
3rd – Wild X 2
Mini Small Groups
1st – Were The Stars
2nd – The Mambo Italiano
3rd – Raining Men
5th – Will You Be My Girl
Mini Large Groups
1st – Were The Party Girls
4th – Step In Time
Junior Shining Star Duet/Trios
1st – Girlfriend
Junior Shooting Star Solos
1st – Meagan Cutlip
2nd – Maggie Carpenter
Junior Super Star Solos
1st – Anna Santucci
3rd – Kamryn Beck
4th – Abbi Dicenso
5th – Madison Ames
Junior Miss Superstar
1st – Anna Santucci
2nd – Brooklyn Parthemer
3rd – Madison Ames
Junior Super Star Duet/Trios
1st – That Walk
2nd – River Deep
Junior Super Star Small Groups
1st – Woman’s Work
2nd – Wow
3rd – No One Will Listen
Junior Super Star Large Groups/Lines
1st – Xpress Yourself
2nd – Mama
5th – We’re Shakin
12&Under Ultimate Achievement
Xpress Yourself
Teen Shining Star Small Groups
1st – Shake
3rd – Let’s Hear It For The Boy
4th – We’re On Fire
Teen Super Star Solos
3rd – Katelyn Braunegg
Teen Super Star Duet/Trios
1st – Some Things Are Meant To Be
Teen Super Star Small Groups
1st – Wanna Be Beautiful
2nd – The Mermaids
Teen/Senior Super Star Large Groups
1st -The Triumph Of Evil
4th – When I Cry
Senior Super Star Small Groups
3rd – Nothing Compares
5th – Wanna Be Her
13&Over Ultimate Achievement
The Triumph Of Evil
Superstar Studio
Krystie’s Dance Academy