Star Systems Youngstown

Star Systems

Youngstown, Ohio

Mini Solos

1st Overall— Sydney Rowland

5th Overall—Meghan Reiser

Mini Miss Star Systems Title

Sydney Rowland

Mini Duet/Trios

2nd Overall—”When You’re Down”

3rd Overall—”Wash That Man”

Mini Small Groups

1st Overall—”We’re the Paper Dolls”

2nd Overall—”Pirates”

3rd Overall—”Love Revolution”

Mini Large Group/Line

1st Overall—”Party”

2nd Overall—”ReMix”

Junior Int. Solo

4th Overall— Briana Dent

Junior Solos

1st Overall— Kamryn Beck

3rd Overall— Anna Santucci

4th Overall— Abbi DiCenso

6th Overall— Brooklyn Parthemer

9th Overall— Madison Ames

9th Overall— Victoria Cruz

10th Overall—Nicole Kapalko

Junior Miss Star Systems Title

Anna Santucci

Junior Miss Star Systems Title 1st Runner-Up

Kamryn Beck

Junior Miss Star Systems Title 2nd Runner-Up

Madison Ames

Junior Duet/Trio

1st Overall— “When I Grow Up”

2nd Overall—”Higher”

3rd Overall—”Sisters”

4th Overall—”Party Girls”

Junior Small Groups

1st Overall— “No One Will Listen”

2nd Overall—”Startin Something”

5th Overall— “Big Noise”

Junior Large Group/Line

1st Overall— “Prince”

2nd Overall—”Hero”

3rd Overall— “Drift Away”

5th Overall—”Dock of the Bay”


Junior Ultimate Achievement Award

*Highest Scoring Act of the 12 & Under Division”

Teen Solos

2nd Overall—Maria Gardner

3rd Overall—Mariah Aivazis

4th Overall—Taylor Hudak

Teen Miss Star Systems Title

Maria Gardner

Teen Duet/Trios

1st Overall—”When the Lights Go Down”

Teen Small Groups

3rd Overall—”Too Late”

4th Overall—”Time Still Exists”

5th Overall—”Can’t Cry”

Teen Large Groups

3rd Overall—”Mr. President”

4th Overall—”Cut”

Senior Solos

4th Overall—Maria Xides

Superstar Studio Award

1st Runner Up by (.5)