Academy Sectors



Our National Competition Team is 13-Time National Champions and Nexstar’s 2014 3-Time National Grand Champion “Victory Cup” Winners! This program is focused on the dancer who wants more in-depth and frequent dance training, with the fun, excitement, and camaraderie that goes with being a part of a TEAM!  Dancers on our National Championship Compeition Team train on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for several hours each of these days. There are extra days of optional ballet offered for interested dancers as well. Our National Competition Team travels to 4-5 Regional Dance Competitions in cities such as Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cleveland, Buffalo, Youngstown, and Detroit.  We also travel to a National Competition each summer which usually takes us out of state for close to a week. KDA is still welcoming NEW MEMBERS of all ages and experience levels to its 13-Time National Championshiop Competition Team!  Prior experience is not required! Call 330.505.4187 Now for more information, to take FREE CLASSES, to learn more about us, and/or to schedule your private audition!



For the seventh year at KDA, we are offering Dancers the opportunity to join our Regional Compeition Team.  This New and Exciting Sector of our Competitive Dance Program is perfect for boys and girls who want to train more than once a week in dance and be a part of a TEAM, but not as much as it takes to Win at a National Level.  Dancers on our Regional Competition Team will train just 2 days each week.  They will travel to 2-3 Regional Dance Competitions, and do not compete at a National Competition! We at KDA are very excited about this FUN and EXCITING Program for our Dancers!  We are currently WELCOMING MEMBERS onto our Regional Compeition Team! Prior Experience is not required! Call 330.505.4187 Now For More Information!



Our Non-Competitive Dance Program is geared at those girls and boys wishing to study dance on a recreational level once per week. Exciting Half-Hour Classes are offered in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tumbling, Baton, Cheerleading, and Majorette.  We also offer our popular “Combo Classes” which feature training in Jazz, Tap, and Ballet, perfect for our younger KDA Dancers. Non-Competitive Dance Classes currently take place on Tuesdays at our Academy.  Our Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and Combo Classes all participate in our Annual Dance Recital Held at Packard Music Halll in May.  Our Tumbling, Baton, Cheerleading, and Majorette Classes are part of our non-recital class offerings.  They are not required to participate in our Annual Dance Recital.